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Thursday, 10 May 2012

What can I say but,
I heart BSB

It's a bit of a run away success story really...
Exhibit A:
One of each please...I'm partial to the odd tart - especially with pastry as thin, and fillings as dee-lish as these. I rate them all (yup, I had at least 1/4 of each haha) but the lemon curd (bottom right) and dark chocolate ganache (top right) rule the roost. I'd love to give them a crack, maybe when I'm procrastibaking.
Exhibit B:
The humble sausage roll, an Aussie favourite. The ones from BSB have got to be a contender for one of the best in town. They 'stunk' out the car on the way to the Botanical Gardens...totally worth it. The lamb, almond & harissa are awesome, followed closely by the oldie but goodie pork 'n' fennel. Click here for a recipe of the latter. 
Doing the math:
A + B = A++
The spread i.e. stage one of the demolition derby. Don't you just love the novelty sized hot X bun? Like a cinnamon-y pillow ;) Anyway, ignore the fact this post is a month late...hehe
The dealer: the original in Surry Hills. This place is overrun by hipsters on the weekend seeking caffeine and carbohydrate. Therefore, get the goods and hot foot it to a park on the harbour...duh. BSB has got a branch in Potts Point now, which pretty much makes it my local bakery - sweetness. Also, on the day they sold out of quiches (at 11am, mind) which I would have loved to rave about (sort of like i rave about everything really)...what A shame! Photo: the pros
I've taken this sky writing completely out of the religious context in which it was written and twisted it to demonstrate my devotion to pastry. I'm so tragic.
I must say that this was a smashing idea. A picnic courtesy of BSB, on a gloriously sunny Autumn day in the Royal Botanical Gardens...we just supplied the drinks. Cheers, big ears. xo M

P.S. I've written my post and what do I find? A post by Spicy Ice Cream of precisely the same content (circa 2010). Freaky. Well as they say, great minds...
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